Friday, September 12, 2008

Jordan Stewart, 5 starts - 5 wins. Champion.....

Hi folks, its been a long time since i last had a quiet moment to update the blog. A lot has happened since January, an awful lot of cash has gone out to aquire a few ,quality Mk11 GP Spiders . At the same time i also bought scores of spare parts, brand new in there packets (theres no point restoring a car with second hand parts) . Jasons Store on e-bay has lots of new spares and BNIB kits, pure ten bodyshells etc. If you need to find a particular GP Spider spare or optional part , dont hesitate to e-mail me @ and i will either have the part or know where to get it 100% every time.

And finally, does Scotland have a new world RC racing champion?


My mates' 11 year old son, having never held a handset before, was entered into a funday RC event sponsored by Carneige College, Dunfermline and won 5 out of 5 heats!!

As a result of this amazing feat the suppliers of the Nitro cars presented Jordan a pro-version 1/10th scale RC Buggy.

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