Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Growing collection

Today has been a wee bit of ups and downs for the clan Spider,my van packed in but on a happier note my new e-bay shop had its first sale.My collection has grown yet again and Ariana (ones mrs) purchased her very own first nitro car,we gave it the first 2 tanks of fuel and i really cant wait to see what it will throw at us after the 10 tank run in.Its small and it has a behaviour problem only surpassed by the likes of G.Bush, yep its the Kyosho half 8 inferno. Included in this paragraph or two is some snaps of the w/c Spider, my SST Thunder Tiger a couple of shells and the star of the moment, the half 8. Dont forget to visit my e-bay shop, and let me know what you think. I have sourced some good new parts from all over the globe and if you require a part thats not listed just let me know and i will try and get it for you, another thing is manuals which are so bloody hard to get and if you need any parts listings,manuals etc. please dont hesitate to ask. Take care spiders, til next time. Tommy AKA GP Spiderman.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year,New Car.

I have been working really hard sourcing parts and hop-ups.My lovely mrs paid for a world cup edition gp spider for my christmas,thankyou Ariana.On a more sombre note, i tried to send the RS4 to America and low and behold, some 4 weeks later it is sent back to me with all wrapping totally vandalised.To make matters worse i now dont have the address to where it was destined so if you read this,turbored please e-mail with details and i will re-send. In the meantime,this is the Spider to date